What I’m listening to: July 2018 Soundtrack to Summer

Recently, my one of my earbuds broke on my headphones (prob because the music was on full blast), and I started looking at new quality ones to buy online. Have you taken a look at the price of headphones lately?!? Take my first born child as downpayment why don’t you! Jeeze Louise they’re expensive! So, in protest, I will listen to my music on the way to work through one ear and hope that I get a bonus so I can afford to buy some swish ones (ATTN: headphone companies – you’ve got a willing affiliate *winks*).

Aside from that, I’ve been on the hunt lately for some new tunes to keep my ear – singular – happy on my long commute in the morning and I thought you guys might like to discover some new bands and artists, too. I love to shed light on lesser known groups and help to do my part to promote Canadian bands – I hope you like them!

It’s time for another one of my eclectic summer playlists. Take a listen below and let me know which artists gets your booties shakin’!

  1. Sir Sly – High

Why I love this song: It reminds me of Group Love / Portugal.The Man. I love the synth vibes and 80s feel going on.

2. The Beaches – T-Shirt

Why I love this song: Hi, has the internet just found the new Joan Jett?? Toronto indie kick ass band, The Beaches is slaying every man that crosses their path, and they’re bringing along the whole Itty Bitty Tittty Committee with them.

3. Aurora – Queendom

Why I love this song: If I were to make a soundtrack to the next Zelda game, this song would definitely be on it. I really like the airy chorus of it and the easy echos of her voice. She also kinda reminds me of the old Sia.

4. Lucian – Close to You (Ft. Jasmine Sokko)

Why I love this song: I picture this song playing in my biopic as I’m running in and out of the rolling waves on the beach. Anyone else??

5. The Regrettes – Come Through

Why I love this song: I stumbled across this band when they did an old cover of a Tegan and Sarah classic – Back in Your Head (before they were sell outs), and then just carried on listening.

6. Billie Eilish – Bellyache (Marian Hill Remix)

Why I love this song: This is one of those songs where the remix is 10000x better than the original. Loves a good mash up on sounds.

7. Elohim – Fuck Your Money  

Why I love this song: Considering that Elohim translate to mean ‘God’ in Hebrew, this song is not v holy. Her voice is so lovely and soothing, it’s like she’s whispering the secrets of the universe to you and she’s saying: MY LOVE DON’T COST A THING!

8. Ofenbach – Be Mine  

Why I love this song: I picture this to be the type of song that is the playlist for when you’re on the prowl at the bar and have spotted someone from across the room. I recommend a lot of other

9. Lay it On me – Kasbo ft Kenyan Lonsdale 

Why I love this song: The kind of song you put on when you’re sitting on your deck watching the night stars light up the summer sky. Add in a bonfire, some s’mores and you’re all set.

10. Port Cities – The idea of You 

Why I love this song: Gotta rep my coast! I saw this Nova Scotia band open for a friend of mine in London and they did this song acoustic there and oh.my.god. shivers! The chemistry of this three piece is amazing. A bit of history: each of them were Hali-famous solo artists and then decided to combine forces and create Port Cities a few years ago. They’ve already started selling out major Canadian venues with their stripped down versions of their songs and I really think this is just the beginning of their success.

11. Fantastic Negrito – Plastic Hamburgers 

Why I love this song: He brings me back to my History of Rock and Roll uni class, it’s been a while since I’ve found a classic rock sounding group like this. He’s got Led Zeppelin vibez and was definitely born in the wrong era and I’m so thankful he’s here.

12. Leon Bridges – Beyond 

Why I love this song: If I was getting married today, I would do it to this song <3

13. Tessa Violet – Crush 

Why I love this song: I wish I could pull off bright yellow hair without looking like a bumblebee, don’t you? I like how this video was filmed with the scenes almost skipping like a record.

14. MEUTE – You & Me (Flume Remix) 

Why I love this song: I find nothing cooler than orchestras or brass bands playing top 40 songs! These guys are kick a$$ and I want to be their friends! Makes me wish I never gave us the piano/clarinet/sax/chimes when I was younger (yes, I used to play all of those).

15. DeJ Loaf, Leon Bridges – Liberated 

Why I love this song: Can you tell I’m having a Leon Bridges moment right now? <3 When was the last time that you heard a protest song that didn’t have swearing in it? This is a battle cry to rally the troops to put an end to violence, discrimination, and political bigotry taking place all-around the world right now.

If you feel free, then you should lift your hands 

16. Disclosure – Ultimatum ft. Fatoumata Diawara 

Why I love this song: This song has triggered my interest in world music. Every time I travel, I try and download a popular radio or traditional song that’s big at the moment as a way to remember my trip and because of this song, I’m now all about Fatoumata Diawara (listen to this album over a bottle of red while you read a good book with some candles lit). I’m also a massive fan when big named artists partner with other genre artists to open the world and share the spotlight to build new audiences. 4 gold stars!!!!

17. The Arkells – People’s Champ 

Why I love this song: Another one of my fav Canadian bands! I remember I had one of their first songs from their album called Jackson Square on a mixed CV I made for my 2012 Honda Civic named, Civicky. Back in those days of sunshiny freedom, that was the anthem to my summer skin. Now that they’re back with a new album, I’m all about it.

18. Scott Helman – PDA 

Why I love this song: This song reminds me of another Canadian favourite from a guy named Classified who is from Nova Scotia. He wrote a song called Inner Ninja  which became massively popular and if my spicy senses are right, I think he might have sampled this.

There yah go, two for the price of one.

19. The Fever 333 – Walking in my Shoes 

Why I love this song: When I said eclectic, I meant it. This one is a bit on the heavier side, but I can picture myself moshing to this at a big festival and crowd surfing. (Note: I have never gone crowd surfing before). When the chorus hits, I just feel my inner teenage angst being unleashed.

20. Judah & the Lion – Take It All Back 2.0 

Why I love this song: This was one of those songs that came along on my YouTube shuffle one day and I had to stop what I was doing to download it onto my Apple Music. They call their genre, folk hop N’ roll and I think that perfectly summarises their style. If anyone knows of any other bands going which incorporate the mandolin, let meh know!! I’m really digging it!



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    This is quite an interesting playlist.

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