With a degree in Public Relations, I’m trained to do exactly that; relate to the public. I’m really passionate about travel and am always on the look out for the next seat sale. I want to help connect my readers to the products and services that help me explore the world to show them it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether that’s product recommendations, accommodation/airline reviews, press trips, social media marketing, sponsored content, social take overs or whatever else you can throw at me, I’m interested! Working with brands I believe in makes telling their story much easier. My social media following is vast, niche and attentive.

As a traveler myself, I know I’m 10x more likely to travel to a destination, buy a backpack or book a hostel in a place that my friends have recommended. Let’s work together to connect my fellow Wanderlust Warriors to your products and services.

To date, I’ve worked with:

Visit Carnaby Street Visit York 

Log House Holidays    Waddesdon Manor    HostelWorld   Liv On A Shoestring - Press  Travel Talk Tours

Buzzfeed Community

North American Traveller  Visit Jersey

If you think we’ll mesh well, drop me a line and let’s talk,

Safe travels,

Liv x


Press Portfolio:

Hosteling International Canada – Featured Member – July 2016

Extreme Tidal Bore Rafting At One Of The Only Spots in the World – North American Traveller – September 2016

22 Best Places to Visit in England Travel Bloggers Love – HostelWorld – August 2017

Top 12 European Destinations to get your Fall Fix – BuzzFeed Community, November 2017

12 Adventures You Should Take Next Year – SevenDayWeekend, December 2017

Wanderlust Gift Guide – She Who Wanders, December 2017

London Life On a Shoestring – Where Can I Live, June 2018