Living on the Edge: CN Tower Edge Walk

I don’t know what’s changed in me, but the last year or so I’ve been wanting to do more daring and adventurous things! Call me crazy, or stupid, but it’s how I get a thrill! I was home in Canada for a month this summer and landed in Toronto, our unofficial capital, and needed to do the Edge Walk. If you don’t know what that is, basically you walk 150m around the circumference of the CN Tower, 1,815.4 feet off the ground! The Tower is the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building, and the world’s 3rd tallest! The CN Tower was the tallest tower and free-standing structure in the world for over 34 years until the Burj Khalifa (Dubai) and Canton Tower (China) were built in 2010.

I had never been to Toronto before, so I figured the best way to get a true feel for the city would be from above! I booked my ticket to the Edge Walk only a few days prior (tight on funds thanks to Brexit ruining the pound….) which coast about $220 CAD (£120). This was my one ‘balla’ activity at home and I considered it part of my vacation time, so I could justify the price. The day of the walk, I headed to the base of the CN Tower and went through a few security checks and then made my way up, up, up. My ears popped on the glass elevator as we shot up the tower, which probably helped to adjust and level out to the height.

Once up, we went through numerous safety checks by the staff and were told tips like, how important it was to control our urges to spit while at the top of the Tower because not only is it, 1) disgusting, but 2) the spit would feel like getting struck hard with a pebble from the sky after picking up speed on the way down. So if you ever wondering that, there you go.
All of our ‘un-attachables’ (i.e. sunglasses, keys etc) were secured to a string and strapped onto our safety suits, which looked more like extermination costumes than anything, #trendy.  Stupidly, I wore a tight fitting skirt that day and basically had a giant wedgie the whole time, FAIL.
I was in a group with five other people from Mexico who all happened to be friends and were all absolutely petrified of heights. Not too sure exactly what drew them to want to partake in this tourist attraction but nonetheless. When we got to the top, I was the last one out the door – which actually meant I became to guinea pig and the first to perform all of the different death-defying tricks. It was awesome! The weather was scorching on the street level, somewhere around 32 degrees, but up in the air it was so incredibly windy, if we weren’t strapped in you would have definitely blown to Detroit!

The View

From the top of the tower, we could see Niagara Falls off in the distance and the full 360 view of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), directly below us was the Rogers Centre and aquarium, which had a giant shark designed into the roof tiles just for us! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was a gorgeous day!

It’s a weird feeling knowing that your only attachment to sold ground are two ropes and a pulley… I didn’t feel nervous or scared but at one point I started thinking, ‘what happens if the rope breaks…..’ and my mind went into panic mode, so I just pushed that thought away.

Included in the cost of the tour was a printed out solo picture, a video of the experience, an official certificate saying you’ve completed the walk as well as entry to the sky pod and glass viewing floor. You had the option of buying the other photos taken during the adventure, I didn’t buy the pictures but the Mexican group I was with did and were nice enough to email me mine (thanks Yune!).

I would definitely recommend doing this experience, but I would wait to book it closer to the date because if it was raining or cloudy out it would have been really slippery and not as good. I’ve also seen a few people on Instagram do it at night with the city lights lit up behind them and that looked awesome, too! I would consider doing it a second time in the evening for sunset because I bet it’s a completely different experience.

TripAdvisor didn’t lie when they awarded this 5 stars!

Take a look at my photos below!


Would you ever do this or would the height scare you off? Post in the comments below!






Edge Walk

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