The Stabilize Ecconomy of Cape Verde

Nature and environmental problems in Ghana

Abundance in mineral resources is both an advantage and disadvantage for Ghana. Being one of the biggest producers of minerals in West Africa, Ghana has been successful in its economic development. However, this increased activity in mining also has consequences to the nature and environment of the country such as soil erosion, contamination of soil, and pollution of groundwater. Aside from the effects of Ghana’s widespread mineral extraction, the country also experiences other environmental hazards such as drought, land and water degradation, deforestation, and diminishing wildlife resources. With these, Ghana’s government implemented the Environmental Action Plan (EAP) to address the nation’s environmental problems in a comprehensive and integrated manner by providing a technical, institutional, and legal framework. In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in cooperation with the NGO implemented the Nature and Development Foundation (NDF) to help protect and conserve the forest habitat of Ghana and the rest of West Africa.