The Ultimate Summer 2017 Road Trip Playlist

Nothing beats a road trip – this is universally agreed – but having quality music playing is CRITICAL to any shotgun rider that doesn’t want to get voted out of the front seat. You know what it’s like to be in the car with your parents and they start cranking the Buble, you reach to change the station and they bat your hand away… you can’t fight back because you’re trapped in the same vehicle as them. Don’t be that person.

Some of you might not know this, but my degree is in Public Relations and I always dreamed of being a publicist for an up and coming band. Music has always played a big part of my life (my mom used to be a wedding singer), and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than making a playlist of your fav songs and belting them out with your gal pals with the wind in your hair on the open roads. 

Every summer you get your classic club beat bangerz that you shake your tail feather to at the bars, and those are great – everyone loves a crowd pleaser! I like to go a little off-piste and boogie down to a wide range of music styles.

Whenever I find a new song or artist that I’m digging, I try to do a #SongOfTheDay tweet, to share the love. If you like any of these songs, be sure to follow me on Twitter @LivOnShoestring to catch some more!

Here’s my top 20 for my summer 2o17 playlist, not all songs are new, but they’re new to me. Post some of your favourite songs in the comments below and help me discover new artists!

Keep on Rocking.


  1. Jai Wolf – Indian Summer


Why I love this song: Not necessarily a sing-a-long, but if I was to create a playlist to my biopic, this would definitely be involved.


2) Illy – Tightrope


Why I love this song: To all the Aussies out there, I know, I know, I know, this song is 3 years old but I’m only just discovering it and I can’t stop listening to it. You likeeee?


3) Big Wild – Aftergold ft. Tove Styrke


Why I love this song: The chorus just makes me bounce around and want to run through a field of sunflowers.


4) Tove Styrke – Say My Name



Why I love this song: Scandinavia has just been cranking out the stars lately! When I hear this, I want to just lounge on a flamingo floaty in a pool with a pina colada in hand. Oh, Pool Boy! 


5) Mickey Valen – Meet Me (ft. Noe)


Why I love this song: This song is SO SEXY! Picture listening to this in a convertible as you’re stopped next to a truck load of hotties! HIIIIII


6) ALMA – Chasing Highs


Why I love this song: 1) Her voice is so sassy! 2) Who else can pull off highlighter yellow hair? ALMA, das who.


7) Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes x CADE remix)


Why I love this song: I mean the lyrics are a feminists anthem!

I can swear, I can joke

I say what’s on my mind

If I drink, if I smoke

I keep up with the guys

And you’ll see me holding up my middle finger to the world

Fuck your ribbons and your pearls

‘Cause I’m not just a pretty girl


8) Sigala & Ella Eyre – Came Here For Love


Why I love this song: I love that … background … bongo .. machine? Whatever it is, I came to YouTube to love this song.


9) Naaz – Words



Why I love this song: If I had a boyfriend, this would be our song. But I don’t, so I’ll listen to it and pretend.


10) Selena Gomez – Bad Liar


Why I love this song: If you don’t like this song, exit to the left. Tkx.


11) Lyall Moloney – Black Dog (ft. Phillabusta)


Why I love this song: Again, not a new song but new to me. Lyall basically has been stealing my heart since the day I discovered him. Everyone listen to him and help me lobby him to come to London to perform a solo set just for me.


12) Elliphant – Spoon Me ft. Skrillex


Why I love this song: Another Scandi FTW! This chick is so badass and just doesn’t give a flying fork! I love her sass and the vibe of this song


13) Greta van Fleet – Highway Tune


Why I love this song: I mean, the name says it all, it’s basically been created for road trips! Expect big things from these guys! Rock n Roll is back and thriving.


14) Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used To


Why I love this song: Get your hips insured fast!


15) Kesha – Learn to Let Go


Why I love this song: This girl has gone through HELL AND BACK and I am SO happy to see come out on top and absolutely smash it! She’s been dropping singles left right and centre – this gurrl is a fireball of glitter!


16) Pekin Duk & AlunaGeorge – Fake Magic


Why I love this song: Pekin Duk is a legend! Full stop.


17) Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe


Why I love this song: This is one of those songs where you and your gal pals just scream out as you drive down small winding roads. Think: 1,000 Miles in White Chicks


18) Amine – Caroline


Why I love this song: I am OBSESSED with this song. ‘Ummm what are these bananas for? Decoration.’ (Watch the video and you will understand).


19) Doja Cat – Candy


Why I love this song: I can see Rhianna doing a kick ass remix of this in a way that only Bad Girl RiRi can.


20) The Him – I Wonder


Why I love this song: Easy listening, trap vibes perfect for lounging near a beach or having a summer BBQ in your backyard. Imagine: fairy lights.


21) CL ft. Iggy Azalea – Hello Bitches

Why I love this song: This is the kind of song you cruise down the road with your girls and blare the bass, possibly blowing your speakers.  

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