In 2014, I graduated university with a Bachelors of Public Relations from a small university in a small corner of Eastern Canada. I was working in a cushy government job and doing everything I thought I was ‘supposed’ to do. I couldn’t be any farther from happy. I found myself at a crossroads; was this as good as life was going to get?

I had just spent 18 years in school, had two years’ of work experience; I had a ‘good’ job, and was still living at home with my parents to save money. On paper, this sounds like a dream for some people. That couldn’t be any more wrong for me. I knew life was about to change. My options were to, move out and away from my small town, or do something drastic. I chose drastic.

I bought a one-way flight to Iceland, solo backpacked Eastern Europe for a month, moved to London on a two-year Youth Mobility Visa, found an amazing job and was able to get sponsored in a post-Brexit London – I feel like an adult on a permanent vacation! I’m in search of adventure, new friends, new foods, all while trying to figure things out. I’m starting to get my spark back. So, here I am, three years and over 40 countries later.

I am inherently cheap and hate paying full price for anything. A self-titled, #BargainBarbie, I love hustling for a good deal. This blog will be my travel journal but also a how-to guide to help you shake up your own life without paying an arm and a leg to do so. This is my travels, on a shoestring.

I don’t know a lot about life, but I know that from now on I’m going to live the way I want to.



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